What would Brightspark mean to you?

Operational Executive Excellence


Alignment across the organisation

View goals as they cascade throughout your company. See the progress roll up to you and the big goals that matter.

Get results with Goal Science

Unlock the potential of goals by making them visible, dynamic and responsive. Encourage aspirations that matter to your organisation through Goal-oriented best practices and social dynamics.

Focus your people on what matters

Use clear and connected Goals to channel the power of your collective workforce and foster accountability.

All your data in one dashboard

Track real-time activity and progress of your teams and top company goals. Find inefficiencies, roadblocks and blind-spots before they happen.

Your employees want what you you want


Bring engagement and goals into the connected age

The future of work is here. Bring workers and their goals into the connected age with effective and proven employee engagement practices.

Purpose for your people

Empower your people to own their individual goals. Show how their work connects to the bigger picture, and motivate them to contribute in a meaningful way.

Consumer-grade experience

Bring the consumer experience your employees demand at home to the workplace. Skip another onboarding process by giving your workers a platform they will actually want to use right away and for the long-term.

See your superstars. Surface your dark horses.

With data-driven dashboards and reports, see your workforce in a completely new way. Superstars will shine brighter than ever, and dark horses will thrive with their newfound recognition.

Your firefighting days are over over


Praise their progress. Get some of your own

See where your team is stuck, where it’s winning, and pass along relevant praise and coaching effortlessly. Don’t be surprised when the praise starts coming your way too.

Get out of the weeds.

Make sure your day-to-day activities matter by staying connected to the bigger vision, and inspiring your team to achieve more.

Inform your team’s performance reviews.

Cut the effort and time spent on performance reviews with the help of real-time tracking, easy-to-download reports and effortless goal coaching.

A connected team is an engaged team.

Effective and proven social reinforcement techniques support your team’s natural social dynamics, leading to greater progress and engagement.

Now, your goals are your your goals


You’re always connected. Your goals should be too.

Connect with your teammates, your leaders and the big company mission through your goals. See how your peers are making progress and cheer them on.

The praise you’ve been waiting for is finally here.

You are not invisible. Open goals mean the people you care about recognize the hard work you put in day in, day out.

Make progress. See progress. Feel good. Repeat.

Don’t wait for a year to see your progress. Get it in real time, and watch it jump right before your eyes.

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