About Us

The team behind Brightspark

Our Experience

The idea of Brightspark as a collaborative HR tool came through extensive experience with business processes. Financially backed by Exigy, the team at Brightspark boasts over 17 years of successful software implementations, bridging the gap between businesses and technology.

How we found our Spark

Experience with multi-industry clientele provided the team with the desire to make HR more than just a one-person job. HR is collaborative in nature and we’ve have made it our mission to involve every employee in managing their own tasks, allowing people to recognize their true potential in the workplace.

Our Values


We believe that quality and excellence hold the key to a united workplace. This is why we strive to consistently meet our high standards for quality and excellence through our HR platform.


We’re passionate about HR and about bringing people together. This is why we strive to help redefine collaboration and communication within the workplace. We’re proud of what we do!


Our goal is to provide our customers with a reliable service that makes key HR processes a walk in the park, for everyone involved. This is exactly why we strive to achieve our goals, no matter what!


We strongly believe in honesty and professionalism, which is why we hold all of our customers and partners in high esteem and greatly value their feedback to further help us evolve our services.

Any questions?

Get in touch with one of our representatives for any queries you may have!