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Manage Sensitive Documents

Utilize GDPR-Compliant Document Management

Reduce manual workloads using document management for employee-sensitive data, such as medical records, disciplinary notices and legal notices, ensuring that data is stored securely and easily.

Contract Monitoring

Reduce Paperwork by Digitizing Contract Management

Enable both line managers and employees to gain access to respective contract documents, whilst receiving notifications upon contract updates or upcoming deadlines.

Team Calendars & Schedules

Absences & Work Schedules for a Collaborative Workplace

View both individual and team calendars to view respective Sick and Vacation Leave, managing availabilities of each team member, while also creating work schedules for the various employment types that my form part of your organization.

Ease of Online Activation

Hit the Ground Running with Onboarding Templates

Facilitate the onboarding process for new employees by utilizing pre-made onboarding templates that allow for the automation of the user profile creation process.

Notices Wizard

Stay on Track with Notices

View, modify and assign your organisation’s legal notices in a single, centralised location to ensure that your business is on track of both optional and mandatory notices in line with GDPR regulations.

Work Permit Management

Ensure a Compliant Workplace through Work Permits

Achieve operational compliance and safety through allowing managers and human resources personnel to effectively monitor active and inactive work permits.

Job Profile Customization

Simplify Job Profile Creation through Templates

Monitor the various types of skills and tasks that come with a specific job role within your organisation. with all e-Skills, Knowledge and Tools imported from a database of over 80,000+ existing jobs.

Staff Skill Rating

Rate your Staff’s Skills for an Engaged Workplace

Update employee skill ratings to view the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, ensuring that the right tasks are handled by the right people.

Training and Planning

Encourage Employee Growth through Training & Planning

Facilitate employee training processes through global training views, individual and team training panels, and the generation of detailed training plans to assist in Training Needs Analyses.

Recognition Badges

Achievements & Recognition Badges to Acknowledge Excellence

Encourage career growth and skill development through the ability to allocate recognition badges to employees, allowing these badges to be visible by anyone within the organisation.

Weekly Reminders

Track Weekly Reminders for a Busy Workplace

Ensure productivity throughout your team by allowing weekly reminders for key objectives, important meetings and approaching deadlines.

Easier Communication

Communicate; Anytime, Anywhere

Allow for more refined communication amongst members of your organisation through the integration of Microsoft Outlook, Skype and Microsoft Teams, ensuring that all members can be contacted easily.

Action Plans

Track Real-Time Progress through Action Plans

Create, monitor and update both private and public action plans, giving users the ability to coordinate on set goals and monitor progress in real time.

Goal Management

Utilize Goal Management to Stay on Track

View long and short-term goals effectively through an interactive hierarchical display, with the ability to view goals by progress and category.

Activity Progress Reporting

Activity Reporting for a Transparent Workplace

Assign activities to employees, as well as allowing users to update any progress made, ensuring a productive workflow. stay notified about changes through email and mobile notifications.

Assign Benefits

Unlock Incentives through Employee Benefits

Motivate employees and impact productivity by allowing line managers to assign benefits to respective employees based on contributions and task performances.

Customized Questionnaires*

Easily build your own styles within your backend

Allow line managers to be able to generate custom review questionnaires to ensure a thorough review process for individual employees.

* Coming soon in the next release!

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